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Welcome to the interactive market of the franchise in its third edition

The interactive market of the franchise is a virtual marketplace that links brands with entrepreneurs and investors interested in acquiring a franchise. The event will engage related governmental, funding, advisory, and legal parties to create an integrated investment environment.

Main objectives

Increasing the contribution of small and medium enterprises to the economy through commercial concessions to achieve one of the objectives of Vision 2030 by diversifying the gross domestic product.

Activate the role of consulting offices and concerned parties in the commercial franchise to provide their services to targeted customers.

Raising the awareness of practitioners and those interested in franchising through the establishment of interactive markets, which include workshops and educational seminars.

Activate the use of technology and make use of it in the activities of the franchise.

Link brand owners to potential franchisees via the interactive market.

Spreading franchise culture as an option to expand brands and as investment opportunities for entrepreneurs locally and globally by knowing and benefiting from the support directed by Monshaat to promote the franchise sector.

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What are the expected benefits of registering
in the Interactive Franchise Market?

Learn about the support provided by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises "Monsha'at" through the franchise Center to promote the franchise sector.

Benefiting from the experiences of local and international brands in adopting the franchise business model within various sectors.

Benefit from the advice provided by legal, financial and governmental agencies and consulting offices for both entrepreneurs and brands to conclude a commercial franchise agreement

Raising awareness of franchise by benefiting from workshops and seminars provided by specialists in the field of franchising locally and globally

Increasing opportunities for brands to expand locally and globally, whereas more than 7,000 visitors have visited the last version of the interactive market, so booking a suite in this version will contribute to your access to investors and decision-makers to enhance the expansion of your brand.


Seminars and workshops

First day | English | Seminar 001

  1. Moderator:Mr.Khalid Al-Mahfouz
  2. Mr.Scott Greenberg

Acquiring Franchise Rights for an International Brand

  1. Mr.Martin Hancock

Franchising for start-ups with the emphasis on female perspective

  1. Prof.Ljiljana Kukec

Success Stories

Success stories are undoubtedly the most important indicators to determine the success of a business.So,let's show you the most prominent success stories in the franchise .

قصة نجاح 2More

Arabia Cafe success story

Blue Age success story

Real Burger success story

Fandqh Travel success story

Superano success story

Froz success story

Saad Eldin Pastry success story

Participation in previous interactive markets

Participated Brands

Participated Parties

Speakers and Trainers in previous interactive markets

Prof. Ljiljana Kukec

Franchise Consultant

Mr.Majed Al-Hokair

Chairman of the Franchise Committee "Monshaat" & Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Group

Martin Hancock

Chief Operating Officer North America at World Franchise Associates

Mr.Ibrahim Al-Rashed

CEO - Social Development Bank

Matt O'Neil

Independent Franchise Consultant

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